Boost up your brand and its values through our technical and strategic consultancy in the world of board games and digital entertainment.

We have a deep knowledge of the gaming market and we can put you in contact with its leading stakeholders, and we love to push the boundaries of innovation in brand awareness and communication. Cranio Lab is your trustworthy ally in bringing your idea to life - take a look at our services and bring your company to the next level.

Create your brand’s board game

Create your brand’s board game

Making a board game shouldn’t be hard. Maybe you have an interesting concept, or maybe you are looking for a fancy way to promote your brand. Embark on a journey with us to create the perfect board game to fit your needs.

Develop your videogame or Companion app

Sometimes, all it takes for a game to fly off is a little bit of automation, some juicy animations, and the comfort of your sofa. With us, you can turn your idea into a digital app or game, with all the wonders the modern technologies can offer.

Develop your videogame or Companion app
Gamification and team building

Gamification and team building

Bringing game dynamics in non-recreational contexts is the base of gamification, the best mean to create engagement and participation of your community and your employees alike. We can provide gamification systems for you, both as an analog or digital experience.

Digital world and NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens are a new way to validate property, even if that happens inside the digital boundaries of the Internet. By using blockchain technologies, you can finally mint original assets content, track their transactions and ownership, and even use them to build up a game.

Digital world and NFTs
Editorial production and development

Editorial production and development

Publishing is not a mere print-and-sell process. It takes careful consideration of the market, a good time frame, and some technical knowledge about printing materials and guidelines. With our help, we can enable your company to establish a well-functioned process of production and publication.

Administration and commercial consultancy

We are true veterans of the board games industry and we know which cards to play to take the big leap. We can inform you on how to optimize your business management, make business plans for your products, and assist your administration with a special eye for margin and cash flow.

Administration and commercial consultancy

Cranio Lab

We are a team of experts coming from all fields of entertainment. We have experience in board games and videogames design, production and publication.

As top players in the board game industry, we can offer you everything you need to kickstart your idea, whether it is a beautiful team building experience or a full-fledged, ready-to-market game.


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